Help needed for WordPress Genius Bar at NEPA BlogCon

For those of you who haven’t heard, the 2014 NEPA BlogCon is just around the corner. The day-long event will be held on Saturday, October 11th at Misericordia University.

For this year’s event, the BlogCon organizers and I have been tossing around the idea of having a “WordPress Genius Bar.” The idea is to be available to help folks out with their WordPress-related questions throughout the day.


Even if you don’t consider yourself a WordPress “genius” (really, don’t we all have something to learn from everyone else in the group? YES!) … we can use your experience to help other folks publish their ideas through WordPress. So, if you’re interested, please drop us a line via the contact form.

PLEASE feel free to share this with any of your friends and colleagues who may be willing to help out.

For more information about NEPA BlogCon, visit

And stay posted for information about our next meetup – we’re shooting for the end of Septmeber!

Phil Erb
NEPA WordPress Meetup Co-Organizer

One comment on “Help needed for WordPress Genius Bar at NEPA BlogCon
  1. Karla Porter says:

    Yes Phil is right… people need hands-on, how-to, need to see a demo, someone to talk to – for even basic maneuvers like floating an image to the left. As Beyonce says…….”To the left, to the left. Everything you own in the box to the left”. So come on, be a genius (at least for a day)- we need you at NEPA BlogCon!

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