May 2015: Tips, Tricks and Stumbles From Creating a WordPress Site

At this meetup, Stephanie Williams will talk about her journey of building websites with WordPress, including tips, tricks, and problems that she’s run into.

Stephanie has been reluctantly designing, developing and teaching about websites and usability since the late nineties. She took a five year hiatus somewhere in the middle while WordPress exploded. Upon returning to the world of websites, she was thrust into WordPress and has been reluctantly loving it since.

As always, everyone is welcome to bring their WordPress questions or problems for discussion with the group. We’ve had some great discussions and learned some cool tricks!

Coalwork is located at 544 Spruce Street in Scranton – across from the courthouse. More information about Coalwork is available at

To cover Coalwork’s costs for hosting us, we will be asking for donations. If you are able to give – GREAT – but please don’t let it deter you from attending if you feel unable to do so.

And don’t forget – we’ll be live streaming via a Google Hangout (see below). If you plan to watch the stream live and participate in the chatroom, mention that in your RSVP.

RSVP at!

Live stream will be available here on April 1st

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