Colin Devroe

Session Title: Stop Hacking WordPress, Sort Of

Jen Galas

Jen is a systems librarian and web developer who loves creative problem solving. She has been hooked on WordPress since 2005 because it provides an opportunity for people with vastly different skill sets to get together, share, learn, and contribute to an awesome, ever-evolving user driven project.

Session Title: WordPress as a CMS

Joe Casabona

Joe Casabona is a web developer, teacher, and author of the book Building WordPress Themes from Scratch. He’s from Middletown, NY, lives in Scranton, PA, and has been making websites since 2002. He was introduced to WordPress in 2004 and has been working with it ever since.

Session Title: NEPA WP Introduction

Phil Erb

Phil is a Systems Administrator and Developer, specializing in technologies that foster communication and productivity among groups of people. He believes that computers should improve people’s workflows, not hinder them. His goal is to make it as easy as possible to get things done.

Session Title: WordPress is Installed... Now What?

Scott Finlon

Scott Finlon is a information security engineer, he is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and a GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst. In his spare time he enjoys playing an antagonist role to web developers. He's originally from Elk Lake, PA, but now resides in Olyphant, PA.

Session Title: The top 10 things I hate about WordPress!!! … And how I fixed them